Monday, December 16, 2019

Milrem Robotics...Customer relations = OVERPOWERED!

The Chief of Defence of the French armed forces General Francois Lecointre visited the Estonian unit deployed to Mali and got the chance to operate our THeMIS UGV used by the Estonians during Operation Barkhane.

Gotta give the bubbas at Milrem Robotics credit.  Their customer relations equal overpowered!  How they got their system into an ongoing operation is pretty impressive (still trying to figure that one out), but then to turn around and have a soldier (I'm assuming its a soldier and not a service rep) to control/drive the darn thing is next level.

What are we missing?

Is the concept viable?   How hard is maintenance to perform in the field?  Do soldiers like it?  Is it cost effective versus a simple UTV?

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