Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Pentagon has released info about Gallagher from fellow Navy Seals...they ignore "The Lies the Generals Told About Afghanistan"

Note.  I find it slightly amusing but mostly ironic that we're seeing all kinds of news reports about fellow Navy Seals bad mouthing Gallagher after his trial and pardon from the President.  What's being ignored is the biggest news we've had about our involvement in the Middle East...The Lies The Generals Told About Afghanistan...

via New York Times Magazine.
For me, a former enlisted Marine rifleman who served in Afghanistan in 2008, 2009 and 2010, watching the national-security intelligentsia reckon with their careers, and where they contributed to the quagmire in which the United States now finds itself, reminds me of a Pentagon press-conference transcript from March 2010. I don’t remember how I found it or really why I was looking for it at all. The presenter was Brig. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson, the commander of the Marine Corps’s Second Marine Expeditionary Brigade, then the highest ranking officer in charge of the operation in which I participated in the winter of 2010: the battle to retake the town of Marja in southern Helmand Province from the Taliban. In its briefings, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said that the mission, known as Operation Moshtarak, or “together” in Dari, was “Afghan-led.” This was, and remains, a lie. The military officials knew it wasn’t led by Afghans, but they still emphatically made this false assertion and expected the press to repeat the phrase.

In the briefing after the first phase of combat, Nicholson himself did not use the phrase “Afghan-led,” but he opened his presentation with false notes, highlighting the initial stages of the battle before summarizing what he cast as the positive performance of the Afghan National Army, whom we were fighting alongside. It was one of the major operations of President Obama’s new strategy in Afghanistan, one that highlighted the United States’ desire to eventually hand over the war entirely to the Afghan security forces — something that to this day has yet to happen.

Drink this in!  Read the article in its entirety!  Don't turn away but focus on what is being said.

Then consider this.

All those lives lost.  All that money squandered.  All the national prestige lost in a feckless campaign to accomplish a dubious mission!

They lied and hid behind patriotism.

Then think about this.  If they had the audacity to lie about massive deaths on all sides, on trillions of dollars being spent then what won't they lie about?

Our Dept Of Defense needs an enema.

We need to hold those responsible accountable.  If its obvious to someone like me then its certainly obvious to you. 

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