Friday, December 13, 2019

Will Commandant Berger’s Planning Guidance Mean the End of the Marine Corps?

via National Interest.
The Commandant’s vision has been met, in general, with approval and even enthusiasm for its boldness and willingness to question long-held force planning assumptions. But, it has to be recognized that what is being proposed also is a high-risk gamble. Moreover, in tying the future of the Marine Corps to its ability to support Navy operations and calling for a reduction in the Corps’ focus on traditional amphibious operations, the Planning Guidance could spell the beginning of the demise of the Marine Corps as an independent service.

This is an excellent article and spells out my concerns perfectly.

What has been the recurring theme of the last string of Commandant's we've had?

They have a LUST, a DESIRE, an uncontrollable URGE to remake the Marine Corps.

It doesn't matter if the change makes sense, they want to be disrupters (to use the civilian business moniker for change agents).

Worse though?

In a few short years they're seeking to completely unravel what so many Marines from years ago tried to build.  They're dismantling the Marine Corps and hoping to rebuild it into something unrecognizable.

Inside the Marine Corps you're not seeing any pushback.  No critical thinking. No asking simple questions like why should we do this.

Just bended knee and asking for more.

It's really sickening. 

We've lurched from concept to concept and now it's all gonna get trashed with no one having a real idea of whether it'll work or not.

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