Friday, December 13, 2019

Don't know what's going on in the UK (actually I do) but one thing is certain, "they mad" (lol!)

Note.  I've been reading Twitter's reaction to the latest vote in the UK and while I have absolutely no dog in that fight, the reaction has been comical.  There is an underlying trend worldwide and I'm not sure leadership is noting it but the fight is on for self determination and loosening of govt control. I hope govts all over take note.  DELIVER FOR YOUR PEOPLE or see your people react in unexpected ways.

Selfishness over the planet?  Missing this ...what is he talking about?

Ethnonationalism?  Haven't heard that term before.

A different form of "ok Boomer"???  I guess the hip crowd forgot basic want something then get off your ass and VOTE!

An entire group of people being labeled as racist because of a vote?  She's a little unhinged huh?

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