Saturday, January 25, 2020

Are you f*cking kidding me? Now protesters and police are clashing in Wuhan! (UPDATED - Tweet from person claiming to be a doctor in Wuhan)

This is insanity on steroids now.

Protesters and police are clashing in Wuhan?!  No one is wearing masks or other protective gear?

We're getting to the point where we really will need to nuke this site from orbit.

Can the Chinese keep this thing contained?

I have my doubts now.

I was looking for something to slow the Chinese down so that our military could reorient to the threat.  Either God, the Devil, fate or simple bad luck seems to have struck and we've got our chance.

Another thing.

The world economy was already decoupling from Globalization.  This COULD speed that along if the outbreak gets bad enough.  As a matter of fact if this thing turns into a "wildfire" event then we could see global trade ground to a halt.

That would fire up the US economy and FORCE domestic production.

Danger if properly managed can lead to opportunity.  Let's hope the powers that be in the US/West can manage this thing to a positive outcome.


If this tweet is true then China is looking at a terrible situation.  I tend to believe it based on the statement from the Chinese President.  Oh and consider this.  In their culture and style of governance, if the Chinese President is saying this publicly then its EVEN WORSE than he's stating.

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