Saturday, January 25, 2020

Russian Ground Forces in Siberia to receive Typhoon-K armoured vehicles

via Shepard Media.
The Russian MoD plans to add a batch of eight Typhoon-K armoured vehicles, armed with a remote-controlled weapon station, to the fleet of combat vehicles of its ground forces in Siberia.

According to the 20 January announcement, the vehicles will be delivered this year to the reconnaissance unit of the 41st Combined Arms Army of the Central Military District, stationed in the Novosibirsk region.

Currently, drivers are being trained and, according to the Russian MoD, they will soon conduct a run-in of the new equipment.

The Typhoon-K is designed to transport troops and provides high protection to the crew, cargo and vehicle components from small arms of up to 30mm in calibre as well as mines and land mines.

The armoured module is equipped with gun ports for firing small arms, and it can also be installed with remote-controlled weapons. The vehicle has a high cross-country capability due to the 6x6 wheel configuration, and its maximum speed is 105km/h.

The Typhoon-K (Taifun-K) is part of the Taifun family of mine-resistant armoured vehicles manufactured by Kamaz subsidiary Remdiesel. The family utilises several common components and features a V-shaped armoured hull designed to withstand small-arms fire, mines and IEDs.

The V-shaped hull is constructed from an inner layer of welded-steel armour and outer layer of composite armour. In terms of blast protection, the hull fulfils NATO Standardization Agreement Level 3b requirements, meaning that it can withstand a blast equivalent to 8kg of TNT underneath the hull.

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