Friday, January 17, 2020

Blast from the past. In 2006 Rumsfeld faced a "revolt of the generals" that could have changed the course of our wars in the Middle East...but everyone missed it...

The video I posted yesterday with Dakota Woods claiming that we needed to spend more on defense was a barn burner.  Everyone had a an opinion and many pointed to the number of commands/staff positions that we have as a sore point.  Comparisons were made to the WW2 German Army and how we have such a bloated officer corps.

Additionally others pointed to the General's club as having failed us by putting in place a policy that essentially led us to these forever wars.

I won't touch on the ratio of enlisted to Generals/Admirals.  The number of Generals/Admirals to the number of divisions, wings or ships we have (although its mind boggling that we essentially have enough to command every brigade/battalion in the Army or Marines with more than a few left over), but  instead will focus on our concept of operations in the ongoing wars.

We had a chance in 2006, VERY EARLY in this drama to change course.  We had a revolt of the generals in which retired generals spoke out to say that what we were doing wasn't working.

via New York Times.
An expanding group of influential former military officers is calling for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's resignation in a public rebellion that has become a significant challenge to the Pentagon's civilian leadership.

The uproar is significant because for the first time the criticism of Mr. Rumsfeld is coming from some recently retired generals who were involved in planning or execution of Iraq policy.

Though their critiques differ in some respects, a common thread is that Mr. Rumsfeld's assertive style has angered many in the uniformed services as he has sought to establish more clear-cut civilian control over the Pentagon and at times involved himself in the details of war-planning more than his predecessors.

The outcry against Mr. Rumsfeld also appears to be part of a coalescing of concerns among military officers that, three years into the Iraq war, the effort is taking a mounting toll on the armed forces, with little sign that the American troops will be able to withdraw in large numbers anytime soon.

We can all stomp our feet and rage at the sun but we had a chance to alter course and the generals told us things were terrible but WE DID NOT LISTEN!

We missed a chance to change US history and possibly set ourselves up for a brighter future as a nation but those that called for this change were drowned out in a rally round the flag moment.

History is cruel.  It shows us where we did good and where we shit the bed.

In the Middle East the entire country collectively shit the bed and instead of cleaning up the mess many still want to wallow in the filth and remain.

We've got to collectively do better.  We've got to collectively heed the warning of the brave few that spoke out.  We didn't in 2006, can we course correct in 2020?

I am not confident.

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