Monday, January 20, 2020

Gun rights people are sometimes their own worst enemy...

Just wow.

Talk about totally misplaying an issue.  My opinion of course but let me lay it out.

The Governor of Virginia is trying to impose draconian anti-gun laws (is there any other kind...not sure but that's a different discussion).  In response, gun rights folks have used local govt to institute "sanctuary" cities for guns.

That's beyond awesome (in my opinion) because its in essence hoisting anti-gunners on their own petard.

That's the good.

The bad?

This rally.

Not the rally itself, but the way gun rights folks are showing up to it.  Arriving in casual dress to protest the decision is one thing.  Showing up like you're about to go to war is something else entirely.

Some of the jokers I'm seeing is just plain sad.  Warrior wallet but without putting in the work of crushing it in the gym?  That probably indicates the range time they're doing too.

Are they engaged in a lifestyle, a hobby or just symbolism?

I'm personally leaning toward symbolism and a chance to show toys.  Long story short?  They're doing it wrong.  They're not taking this seriously and thinking things thru.  They're doing more to harm the cause than to push the agenda.

That's how I see it and I'm a pro gun guy.  What do you think?

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