Sunday, January 19, 2020

Well deserved, I just hate the break with naming convention & the false symbolism...

This is well deserved.  On this point it's full stop.

What I have an issue with is the Navy's psycho naming convention they've adopted.  They're all over the place.  Politics has entered the thing and to name a warship after a congress person that was shot or other members of congress or even civil rights leaders is a box that we shouldn't have allowed to be opened...soon we're gonna have a hodgepodge of ships that have no lineage, no history and divide the public.  An outrageous example?  To certain segments of the population the Oklahoma City Bomber is a hero.  What happens if we devolve to a point where that portion of the population gets to be represented with the naming of a ship?

The other issue I have is with the false symbolism of this move.  A black American is a war hero but you have to link it with Dr King's birthday?

In my opinion that's bad tiny step away from pandering.  This dude deserves much better.  You don't treat a pure dee stud this way.  He should get his own time in the sun without any linkage.

So we have a good thing that's somewhat tarnished because of poor decisions (in my opinion) in the past, mixed with symbolism (in my opinion) currently.

Great stuff bad form.  I'm still happy.  I'm pleased with this well deserved honor, but I don't like the backdrop that's around it.

This is my opinion and you're welcome to disagree.

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