Monday, January 06, 2020

Quick Rant. Some politicians/commentators fear Iran? Why? Have we become so weak that we fear bluster, and bravado?

I've been monitoring the news and reading some of the comments posted on this blog regarding the aftermath of the killing of the Quds Force Commander.

Just plain wow.

My question.  What are you afraid of?  This dude has the blood of our forces on his hands.  Everyone seems to forget that the Quds Force was active in Iraq and carried out MANY attacks on our forces.  Its open source material and you can find it easily.

Additionally the bluster coming from Iran is comical.  It's understandable because they understand the divisions in our society, the weariness of the public after more than two decades of continuous warfare and to be blunt, our failure to achieve any kind of victory.

I blame the generals, two previous administrations, this administration and a feeble Congress that has served as a rubber stamp to foolishness, plus the idiocy of the American public to focus on the bread/circuses instead of the real issues facing our nation.

Long story short?

Let Iran bring it on.

We don't have to do a rerun of the past two decades.  They attack us, we launch a massive air strike against something important to them.

We don't invade, conquer and try and nation build.

We bomb them.

We bounce rubble.

We bomb them again.

We take out leaders.

We make them hurt till they say mommy make the bad man stop. We fight on our terms.  We put aside the legalize and we go after them hard.

Could we take casualties?  Yes.  But a return to the past is in order.  In one battle we lost more troops than we have in two decades of war.  Hell we lost more people in A TRAINING EXERCISE than we have in two decades of war.

We need a serious blast from the past.  They attack, we punish them.  They attack again, we increase the punishment.  They go after us again then we send them back to the beginnings of their religion.

We have nothing to fear.

They do.

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