Thursday, January 23, 2020

Young woman SMILES and flashes gang sign after being shot as friend streams it all on Facebook

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Footage shows the alleged victim approaching a driver in a silver car in a residential area.

Holding the phone to her face, the woman filming shouted: “This my house,” before flipping the phone, showing her friend negotiating with the driver.

The driver then reverses before three loud bangs - which appear to be gunshots - are heard, and her friend, wearing a pink T-shirt, falls to the ground.

The woman filming then shouts: “Oh sh*t.That b*** get shot...” and rushes to her friend’s aid.

The victim can be seen lying on the ground as blood appears to pool around her.

She smiles to the camera and points a gang sign, appearing unfazed.

Speaking to the camera, her friend filming said. “Yea... Thug life. This alright...”

To which the victim replied: “Thug life baby, God still good, you heard me?”

The woman filming then flips the camera to her face and says: “Girl, imma get off this live.”

Later, the video appeared on Twitter with the caption @ricchgorl.

How do you fix a young person that has adopted this kind of lifestyle? Pretty darn tragic.

I thought chics dig scars, not wanting to get them.  Are bullet wounds the new "hotness"?  She's lucky to be alive but I'm betting she doesn't even realize it.

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