Thursday, January 23, 2020

I had a disturbing conspiracy theory cross my mind about the Navy's decision to name a carrier after WW2 War Hero Doris Miller....

Sorry guys.  This post will piss off many in my audience but I had a conspiracy theory so wild pop into my head that I had to share it and have you gauge how either spot on or (more than likely) batshit crazy you think I am.

First, lets hit this one pressure point.  via US Navy
Frigates (FFG) are also traditionally named after Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard heroes. Much like the Marines, who are often expect to do more with less, Frigates too were used as workhorses for the Navy.
As we all know Frigates aren't in vogue with the Navy at present (unless they reclass the LCS which I believe they're in the process of doing).

So what has big Navy done instead?  They've been naming Burke Class Destroyers after Navy/Marine heroes.  An example via WeAreTheMighty (2017).
The Navy's newest warship is named after this Marine hero. America's newest warship, the USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115) was just commissioned the last week of July — it's the 65th Arleigh Burke-class destroyer to have been built for the US Navy.
So the question becomes.  Why would the Navy so deviate from their normal practices to name a carrier after this well deserving Sailor but violating their usual standards.

Political Correctness?

Possible but I'm not buying it.  Want to make a HUGE splash?  Name it after a woman.  A vile thought but I think spot on (especially in today's political/social environment).


I don't see the Navy doing that just for shits and giggles.


Hmm.  It always comes back to money...or in Pentagon talk, budgets!  Consider the last few weeks.  We hear the Navy state that they need a bigger share of the budget.  Shortly thereafter the Army stated that no, they needed a bigger share.  The Air Force always has their hand in the air.

So what would the budget have to do with an aircraft carrier?

We know the budget wars came out into the open just recently but I would bet that they've been raging behind doors for awhile now.  Remember the Trump administration had once pushed for defense cuts but got pushed back. Doesn't matter though.  Everyone in the defense establishment is predicting FLAT BUDGETS at best going into the future and a number are predicting cuts (the terrible 20's are here).

So what's the Navy to do?

Carriers have been on the watch list for budget hawks for years.  They state that we have "over capacity" and could make due with less.  It doesn't help that the USMC has pushed LHDs as L-class Carriers.

So how do you protect a big hull from cuts?

We know from history that naming it the "USS America" wasn't enough.  So what the f*ck do you do?

You name it after a WW2 hero.  A BLACK WW2 Hero! 

Then you sit back and dare a lawmaker to even suggest cutting a ship named after an African American.

Yeah its a vile thought I know.  But quite honestly I can't come up with any other rational explanation for this violation of naming conventions.  I would have been just as happy with his name adorning a Burke and it would have been within "regs".

But that's my conspiracy theory.  Talk me off the ledge.  Do a good enough job and I'll take down this post in shame.

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