Sunday, February 23, 2020

Houthis are the perfect Hybrid force...

We really should be taking a closer look at the fighting in Yemen.  The Houthis, labeled a terror group by the Saudis, look to be the perfect Hybrid force.

They have ballistic missiles.  They have moderately sophisticated anti-air missiles.  They have apparently modern anti-tank missiles.  Although primitive they are effective small unit fighters.

This is the force that we will fight in the future.

Think about this.

What if the Taliban had ballistic missiles?  What if they had anti-air missiles by the hundreds?  What if they had huge numbers of anti-tank missiles?

Our fight would have been even more brutal than it already is.  Quite honestly that move would have forced us to either go all out or leave.  The relatively primitive form of fighting has forever changed us (IEDs have forever altered our view of armored vehicle protection) so what would we do if faced with what the Saudis are?

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