Sunday, February 23, 2020

Russia takes the gloves off with regard to the Coronavirus...

Interesting.  Many don't realize it but quite a few Europeans (probably of the nationalist observation and I could be wrong) view Russia, not the EU, as the protectors of Europe.

The fact that they're doing this...targeting Chinese nationals amid the Coronavirus fears leads to a few conclusions...any of which could be wrong.

Conclusion 1.  The Coronavirus outbreak is MUCH MORE serious than we're being told.

Conclusion 2.  The Russian govt is taking this opportunity to gather intel on Chinese citizens operating/visiting their country.

Conclusion 3.  All of the above is correct.

Conclusion 4.  Perhaps everything above is incorrect and Russia is simply acting prudently on the information we all have to prevent a massive outbreak in their country.

I leave it to you to either add to the possibilities or to tell me why I'm wrong on all counts.

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