Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Syria is forever a Russian client...

I get the idea behind the intervention in Syria.  Knock off Assad, install a friendly govt, Westernize them (although they were pretty darn secular and modern before the war) and then turn them into an ally of the US in particular and the West in general forever.

The opposite has occurred.

Even if Assad were killed tomorrow we would still see Syria in the clutch of Russia.

From my chair this has gone beyond the head of the Syrian govt and has spread to the people.

I just get the impression that this is now personal for them (and how could it not) and they're totally grateful to the Russians.

The question we should be asking is this.  We screwed up and pushed them toward Russia.  Is there anyway that we can mitigate the damage and PERHAPS get them to at least talk to us in the future?  Is there anyway we could POSSIBLY establish relations?

Anything less than a declaration of withdrawal (with the guarantee of safety for the Kurds to be provided by Russia and to get another dig into Turkey) I think just won't work.

But does Trump have the courage? 

If he can somehow muster up the strength to get us out of the Middle East and Afghanistan and to limit our exposure in Africa I think it would help him politically.

Failing that it would help his legacy.

Time will tell.

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