Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The terrorist collapse continues in Syria. Will Turkey act more forcefully?

I find this stunning.  The Syrian Army is really moving on terrorist positions and appear to have a strength that I didn't know they had.

Quite honestly Turkey appears to be headed toward being forcefully expelled from Syria.

Will they act to prevent that?  Can they credibly do so if they have the desire?

I'm no longer sure.  Make no mistake about it.  This isn't about substandard equipment, this is about substandard soldiers.  For better or worse the terrorist started acting like a nation state army and its obvious they just can't hold ground.

Which leads to the solution to their problem.  If they were smart they would seek to melt back into the population.  Unfortunately (for them) they can't because so many are foreign fighters.  The same applies in Libya.

Turkey is about to get gut punched...and that doesn't include the damage that the Coronavirus will do to their economy.

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