Saturday, February 22, 2020

Things Are Not Looking Good for Stopping the Coronavirus

via Gizmodo.
The prospect that the new coronavirus, whose outbreak has been so far largely confined to China, could become a pandemic is seeming more likely today. This week, several countries have reported local clusters of the disease outside of mainland China, suggesting the virus is freely circulating there. Meanwhile, a new report estimates that only a third of cases that have left China’s borders are being documented at all.

On Friday, South Korean health officials reported a dramatic jump in cases of COVID-19, as the disease is officially known. There are currently 204 cases, more than double the number reported the day before. Iran’s Health Ministry reported 13 new cases on Friday, bringing Iran’s total up to 18, along with four deaths. Italy reported six new cases, all of which were not connected to travel from China.
Story here. 

Ok.  They're slow walking the news but it seems that the media is coming around to my thinking.  This thing will become a pandemic.

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