Saturday, March 21, 2020

The US military is preparing for a "second wave" of coronavirus cases by next winter

via CNN
Viruses spread more easily in cold weather than hot, which is why winter is peak influenza season.

While it has yet to be seen whether the coronavirus will recede as temperatures increase in the northern hemisphere (and cases in tropical Singapore and southern hemisphere Australia may suggest the virus isn't too sensitive to hot weather), some researchers have warned it could become a perennial winter threat.

Speaking at a Pentagon briefing Thursday, Nelson Michael, the director for infectious disease research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, said that efforts to develop vaccines and an effective treatment plan might not be quick enough to wipe out the virus before the "second wave" next winter.

"This is a respiratory virus and they always give us trouble during cold weather, for obvious reasons. We’re all inside, the windows are closed, etcetera, so we typically call that the influenza or the flu season," Nelson said.

He predicted the coronavirus may behave like the flu and give us "less trouble as the weather warms up," but, he cautioned, it tends to come back when the weather gets cold again.

Missed this story from March 6, 2020, but the news is dire.  It also explains why we keep hearing about this being an 18 month problem.

Buckle up folks.

We beat this monster in the Spring 2020 and it might comeback for round two in Winter 2020.

I predicted this but damn, it hurts to be right.  Was beginning to think that I was being pessimistic.  Seems that I was simply being realistic.  Oh and this is without mutation (we think).  What happens when/if this thing decides to HULK up?

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