Saturday, March 21, 2020

Wait. Russia is buillding NEW T-90Ms?

via Reddit...T-90M new production seems to be a reality. Tanks are newly built instead of being simply new turrets on existing hulls.

So Russia is building new, not rebuilt T-90Ms?  Amazing.  This is not the kinda news you want to hear after getting the scuttlebutt of the Marine Corps doing away with its armor.

Oh and one other thing.

What does our Ground Combat Element do if APS comes on in a big way? Clear skies might get air involved.  But what happens when bad weather hits? Marine Air will not be able to support.  Haven't heard if we're gonna get more cannons to fill the gap but arty seems to be tilting toward anti-ship work anyway.

We really better hope the Army is available to help out cause the Corps of the future might be too light to fight and will get smashed unless Army Armor is around to fill the gap.

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