Tuesday, March 03, 2020

US Special Operations Command needs a new 6x6...the solution is obvious!

SOCOM needs a new ride?  The solution is obvious in my opinion and they have a couple of choices.  The first is the AMV...

The second is the S. Korean offering...

The last vehicle on my list would be the Brazilian rig just heavily modified by BAE for US forces (mostly upgraded armor)...

This ain't exactly a heavy lift.  Actually we know what SOCOM wants.  Probably a 6x6.  More than likely nothing that's in use by American forces.  It has to be air deployable by C-130 and it should be able to take a variety of weapons.

The above vehicles check all the boxes.  Put some SOCOM bubbas on airplanes and send them around to evaluate those vehicles at their countries of origin, put forward an urgent request to Congress, start having them roll off the production lines in a couple of years and get this off the books.

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