Friday, March 27, 2020

USNS Mercy arrives in Los Angeles...

We are acting before the crisis has arrived.  This situation is being resolved.  Quite honestly if we were to compare the US to the EU (not the individual countries that make up the EU) then we would be comparable.  China is irrelevant because they LIE.

I expect this to be resolved shortly.

I'm already beginning to pivot toward dealing with the real trauma that will shock the system.

When this monster returns this fall.  We're due for a savage winter (they've been mild for far too long) and that will exacerbate the situation.


Sidenote.  I jumbled the title and initially said NY City.  My bad.  But that does raise an interesting issue doesn't it.  NY is grabbing all the headlines but San Fran is badly affected and so is Seattle.  Why are we only hearing about New York on the main stream media news feeds?

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