Sunday, March 22, 2020

Wuhan is still in lockdown???

If this is true and if we can take the experience in Wuhan and Italy as examples of what we're facing in the US then major US cities are in TROUBLE!

We can expect New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore and other large cities to be jacked up till the end of summer.

Just in time for the second wave to hit.


I've been expecting the lock down to go nationwide at the end of this week. Probably an announcement on Fri and then lock down to take effect the following Mon to last till about the end of the second week in April.

I considered that tough medicine early to prevent totally collapse later.

What if that ain't good enough.

What if we're looking at an extended lockdown that basically does no good?  What if the Brits and the desire to gain herd immunity while distasteful is actually the proper course to take?

This is bigger than I can imagine and not having full information makes it worse.  We (the general public) are operating in a vacuum and trying to make decisions with less than partial info.

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