Monday, April 27, 2020

A few thoughts on where we're at with the Coronavirus...

A few things on where we're at with the coronavirus...

1.  As expected southern states are beginning to reopen.  The news media pushed hard at the governor of Georgia for pushing forward but now they're all but onboard it happening.

2.  The medical profession has received nothing but praise but I wonder if they went too far.  They're still wanting social distancing but its become apparent that only those with underlying health factors are truly in danger (assuming what we're told is true).  They appear to want a solution that is simply impossible to implement.  The economy is already damaged but they don't have an answer on the way forward except to continue to shelter.  It just won't work for most states.

3.  NY state is probably gonna continue sheltering going forward into June.  Actually it kinda makes sense.  That area of the country has suffered 50% of the deaths and the vast majority of the infections.  I guess at the end of the day my issue is that one state tried to implement a nationwide solution to a regional problem.  It would be like the entire nation evacuating because Louisiana or Florida was facing a hurricane.

4.  Dr Fauci is still loved by the press but his halo is a bit dented in conservative circles.  The politics behind this whole thing is gonna be fascinating.  While everyone says he didn't want the spotlight, he sure seemed to relish it.  What happens if he fades into the background?  Will he still be a rockstar or will he be forgotten?

5.  State govts are gonna come under fire once summer hits.  This shelter in place will be examined from all sides and actions taken in the name of public safety will get additional scrutiny.  I think more than a few overstepped.

6.  If I was part of a secret society bent on ruling America this would be the perfect crisis.  Every vet here is already in the database.  Our DNA is on file and our personal information is known in detail.  But this would allow all those that are "somewhat" off the grid/radar/whatever to have all kinds of data entered into the govt database.  Get a swab to check for coronavirus?  I have your DNA.  Have to do contact tracing to prevent the spread of the disease?  Now I have your circle of friends, family and associates.  This thing is a dictators dream.

That's all I have.  Did I miss anything?

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