Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Another Chinese monster (Type 55 DDG) just left harbor and is headed for sea trials...

Drink it in boys and girls. 

That's a 12,000 ton Destroyer headed out to sea for trials.

The Marine Corps ain't helping with this problem.  We're establishing "Littoral" Battalions to help with the sea fight?  This ain't gonna be a fight near the shore. 

The Chinese are gonna try and take on the US Navy far out at sea.  Get into a big ass brawl, and are seeking to drown them, skull fuck them, and sit back and drink their milk shake.

Once that's done then their fleet will do a reverse WW2 on us.  Our fleet will be on the bottom and our Marines will be alone and isolated on islands.

This plan ain't gonna work.

So what do we do?

The NAVY needs to REFOCUS on the big sea battle.  That's the problem!  They need to reorient from being a land attack force and get back into the ship killing business 110%. 

The issue isn't the USMC being a second land army.  The issue is that the Navy was YANKED OFF MISSION by the Bush Admin to support the war on terror.

Change my mind.

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