Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Closed till summer? College sports will change...

Bye bye Women's Basketball, Gymnastics, Volleyball.  Bye bye Track & Field. But for the nerdy types...bye bye a great deal of funding for science, business (maybe not a loss) and humanities.

The knock on effects of this thing will not become apparent to MOST of you till the bill is paid going into the future.

Additionally the longer this goes on the longer it will take to reestablish supply chains.  Food will be more expensive cause farmers can't get in the field...as a matter of fact outside of oil (because demand will continue to be low) we can expect all of it to rise.

Scarcity will be the new normal for many goods and a few services.  It's time for the US to make a choice.  Either do the hard thing now or deal with the harder thing later.

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