Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Boeing’s Loyal Wingman Program Achieves ‘Weight on Wheels’ Milestone

via Boeing Australia Press Release.
Boeing [NYSE: BA] Australia recently achieved two more milestones on the Royal Australian Air Force’s Loyal Wingman – Advanced Development Program: weight on wheels and aircraft power on.

The development milestones for the unmanned aircraft come just weeks after completion of the first fuselage, allowing for rapid progress on systems installation and functional and integration testing from the aircraft’s own landing gear.

“We’re continuing at pace toward our goal of flying later this year, so that we can show our customer and the world what unmanned capability like this can do,” said Dr. Shane Arnott, program director of the Boeing Airpower Teaming System. “The strong contributions from our industry team are powering our progress.”
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The weird thing?

Australia could wind up with the most technologically advanced, cost effective, and combat effective air force in the Pacific, if not the world.

They're being smart in their concepts and they (from my chair) are striking the right balance between cutting edge/legacy but highly modernized air power anywhere in the world.

What has me spinning?  Everything above is an opinion.  What can't be denied is that they will have at least a top 3 electronic attack capability and might easily be considered top dawg in that category.

A category I believe will change the outcome of MANY battles.

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