Sunday, April 19, 2020

India's 4 PARA (Special Forces) amazing close quarters fight on a snowy mountain side...

via LiveFist
On April 4/Saturday, two squads of the 4 Para (Special Forces) — with six men each — were deployed for a forward staging to the nearest battalion headquarters, and from there to Rangdoori, Guguldara and Teen Behak areas of Jumgund. They needed to chopper it in as the battalion remains cut off by winter snow. The Dhruv helicopter dropped them off on a hill feature in waist deep snow. The intention was to conduct a search operation from top down. The SF troops used quadcopter drones at this point to try and pinpoint precise locations of the 5-6 terrorists.
 In the words of an officer familiar with details, “As luck would have it, where they fell, the militants were sitting right there. This led to a firefight at virtually point blank range. I have to give it to the training standards of the SF guys. Inspite of the fall, all five terrorists were killed. The squad was almost wiped out.”

If Bollywood doesn't make this a movie then something is wrong.  If they DO make a movie I'll be sure to watch it.

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