Sunday, April 19, 2020

Anti-lockdown protests aren't just in America...

People are sheep.  They'll follow the popular position until it doesn't become popular anymore.  The news media will follow suit to match the passions of the mob.

Mark my words.

Being against these lockdowns might appear fringe now but in a couple of months they'll be not only obvious to the masses but the same people deriding those of us that have issue with them will be leading the charge stating that they went on for far too long and did unnecessary damage to our economy.

Not only will the political class have to pay a price for this but so will the people that are cheering these lockdowns on.

The hit to the world's economy will be severe.

The blowback will be intense.

I predict you'll see nothing but political surprises worldwide once the dust is settled.

Of course that will do us little good.

We'll be trying to muddle thru shortages of certain items (to include food), possibly hyper inflation on goods that are available.  A shattered housing and car market along with savings/retirement funds being either devalued (because of increasing costs for basic items) or even taxed at a higher rate (to allow the govt to recoup the money they're handing out like candy).

People in the free world are waking up but I fear its a bit late.

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