Saturday, April 11, 2020

Marines arrive in Boston to help with the Coronavirus fight...


Marine Aviation?  To help fight the Coronavirus?  MV-22's instead of UH-1Y's?  I don't quite get it. 

Quite honestly this really makes no sense to me.  I can see Motor T being used to deliver supply by road.  UH-1Y's to help supplement the movement of individuals from hospital helipads...even Military Police to help with checkpoints (do they have them in Boston?).

But MV-22's?

The 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade?

What happened to flexible response?  If anything cried out for the formation of a "Special Purpose MAGTF" this is it.


Out of doctrine.

Fitting a square peg into a round hole.

This smacks of "show the flag" more than provide real, desired, and important assistance.

But get used to it Marine Corps supporters.  It's gonna get worse going into the future.

By focusing on a conventional fight with China in the Pacific and building a missile/F-35/special ops support force the Marine Corps will more and more see itself left on the outside looking in on all the future needs that our country needs us to help solve.

This is why Berger's concept is so dangerous.  We become less useful.  If we become less useful then we become an expensive burden.

In the world that is coming, if we provide no value to the nation except in a scenario that is at best a 10% chance of happening then we will be early on the "must cut" board.  That's why this New Marine Corps will kill the Marines.

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