Friday, April 03, 2020

One last, quick thing for all you supporters of the fired carrier CO...

I notice people are still rallying to this guys side in this little drama playing out.

But have you clowns not noticed something?

No other Navy is talking about coronavirus cases on their ships.  Not a single one.  Think about that!  No one else is talking about an infected crew and how they need to get them off the ship to save lives.

Not the Russians.

Not the Chinese.

Not the Brits, French, Italians, Spaniards, Dutch, Indians, Singaporeans, Australians, Malaysians, etc.....


I'm repeating myself but we can pretty much figure that outbreaks have occurred on a few of our allies ships.  We can even figure that we've had outbreaks on other ships of our own fleet...from Amphibs to Subs and everything inbetween.

The reason why?

Because our allies are running professional forces that will not broadcast something that is a danger to their national security.  Most of our ship's captains are professionals too and would never do what this bubba did.

So why are you still defending him?


Because its the popular thing to do.  I cringe at all the so called military professionals that are lauding this guys behavior instead of slamming him like a piece of cold meat.

A few of the pros that are putting him on a pedestal are doing it for political reasons.  They're never-Trumpers that can only see a future in the Republican party if Trump is not re-elected.  If he gets another term then they're has-beens.  Its do or die for their professional careers as consultants.

The others?

Sticking a finger in the wind and picking the popular position so they can look cool at cocktail parties.

Either way I am unimpressed.  When everyone says that wrong is right it doesn't take courage to plant your feet and say no.  It just takes commonsense.

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