Monday, April 13, 2020

T-90M enters serial production...

Thanks to S300V4 for the pics!

Don't know if it is right but damn, that bad boy looks right.  This is the danger for the Marine Corps.

By turning itself into a pure defense force, its not making itself useful for the MOST LIKELY conflicts going into the future.

What did we see with the USSR?  Proxy wars all over the globe.  We saw our forces fighting USSR proxies.  What happens if the Russians start sending a few of these to hostile nations and our Marine Corps has to face them in the configuration planned?

No armor.  Fewer Attack Helos.  Fewer cannons.  More ship killing missiles.

As a forcible entry force the Marine Corps is done.  It's hung up a "closed for business" sign on that operational art.  Engaging in ground combat?  The closed for business sign isn't up but it sure looks like the "we don't want to do that anymore" neon sign is hanging.

The terrible thing?

The Marine Corps was eaten alive by the Air Wing.  The Marine Corps solution to being consumed alive?  To bet more on the Air Wing....a different composition but still a huge bet on air power.

What happens when our enemies get wise and decide to invest heavily in anti-air complexes?  What happens when advancement make S-400's look like old hat?  When lasers arrive and can incinerate UAVs like moths to a flame?

The Commandant talks about assuming risk?  Naw bro.  He's making a huge ass gamble with the fate of the nation on a jacked up war game.

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