Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The 15 Cheapest Sources of Protein

via Shredded Fit.
When people want to build muscle, they know they should eat a lot of protein, so usually you’ll see gigantic piles of chicken in their freezers. While a serving of chicken breast has about 28 grams of protein, it isn’t your only option when it comes to meeting your protein norms, and the price can add up over time, ballooning to a number you’ll wish you never paid for meat.

So, we consulted some experts and here’s the ultimate list of cheap, but protein-effective groceries.

In a surplus, eat that protein so that you put on muscle the right way.  In a deficit, eat that protein to preserve the muscle you have.

Protein fills you up, is good for ya and if you buy the right kind is DEFINITELY affordable.

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