Wednesday, April 22, 2020

They cry for PPE, talk about being overwhelmed and lecture us....THEN THEY DO THIS!

Of course I gotta be contrary.

The whole world looks at this shit and laughs and giggles.

Me?  It pisses me the fuck off.

These people have the audacity to cry about PPE, to talk all the time about how they're seeing more death in two months than they have in 10 years, they whine about ventilators (even though they later changed the treatment after realizing that ventilators were hurting rather than helping), and then they lecture us about staying at home even though they're killing the economy.

This is why they're not gonna "sainted" after this is over.

99 percent will forget but I won't.  I'll remember them playing while at the same time crying that the world was ending unless we listened to them...the so called experts.

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