Thursday, April 02, 2020

The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier is rendered ineffective. Congrats people....our big stick is on the beach....

I will never understand the apologist that defend this Skipper for the angst filled letter that he sent to the Chief Of Naval Operations.

Several points stand out to me and I fail to understand why they're not getting bigger play.

1.  The Pentagon stated several days before this letter got into the wild that they would NO LONGER allow units/ships to publicly state coronavirus infections because it was affecting national security. 

2.  The US military is expected to operate in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) environment.

3.  Our already strained sailors will now have to compensate for the lack of this carrier.  Either we'll send another carrier to fill the gap or more than likely we'll sortie a few Burkes to fill the gap.

4.  Our enemies are watching.  Assessing.  Planning.  You can bet body parts that you highly treasure that this is being noted by our enemies as well as our friends.

5.  Lets assume that this outbreak was accidental.  What happens the next time when its deliberate?  What happens at the next port of call when someone slips something into the drink of a Sailor or Marine?  Do you in essence kill another carrier or regiment?  What happens when you have a SOCOM operator deployed and on a little R&R in a foreign land and someone does the same?  Do you kill a Ranger or MARSOC Regiment, a Special Forces A-Team or a SEAL Team?

Do you get the force of connection here?  Because many of you chose an emotional response to this incident (to include that CO) we have done damage to our national security in ways that you can't imagine.

If you don't think biological warfare is a real thing then you haven't been paying attention.

If by chance it WASN'T a real thing it is now.  This is probably the lowest cost kill of a major weapon system that the US operates I can ever imagine.

You applaud the CO?  I cringe and wonder exactly how much damage he really did.

Even worse?  China is watching.  Our friends are watching.  Terrorist are watching...yet some of you are calling this guy brave.  Simply amazing.

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