Thursday, April 02, 2020

Report: U.S. Intelligence Concludes China Is Lying About Coronavirus

via Free Beacon.
A U.S. intelligence report concluded that China lied about the impact of the coronavirus within its borders, under-reporting total case numbers and deaths in public figures, according to Bloomberg News.

China today claims to have roughly 82,000 confirmed cases and 3,300 deaths, but skeptics have long doubted the veracity of those figures, citing accounts from Chinese crematoriums that are processing thousands of urns with coronavirus remains every day. The classified report, which Bloomberg said was submitted to the White House, found that China's coronavirus figures are "intentionally incomplete," corroborating circumstantial evidence that China falsified its figures.

"A *single mortuary* in Wuhan reportedly ordered more urns in two days than the Chinese Communist Party has reported total deaths in the whole country," Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) tweeted on Sunday. "I’m sure you’re shocked by evidence of Chinese lies."

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