Sunday, April 05, 2020

What should be the individual/societal lessons from this pandemic...

I don't think it's too early to start doing a "lesson's learned" with regard to this monster pandemic that China unleashed on us.

There are several individual/societal lessons to be gleamed from this incident.  These are a few I came up with and hopefully you guys will have many more.

1.  Health is truly the new wealth.  We have turned our economy on its head to protect the most vulnerable.  We had the luxury of doing so this time.  We might not the next.  It is essential that you strengthen your body to handle the stress of not only everyday life but most importantly against disease. The most vulnerable were not just the "aged".  It was those that had compromised systems due to some other malady.  Unfortunately for Americans that included obesity, diabetes (related to obesity), compromised lungs from smoking/drug use, etc...What's out of your control you can't fix (disease based on genetics) but you do have control over how fat you are, how fit you are etc.

2..  Being prepared is no longer fringe.  Watching the country erupt over freaking toilet tissue was comical.  Sad but comical.  Being prepared for supply disruption should be hard boiled into every US family.  Not just cleaning supplies, but also food.  Despite the panic, our supply system appears to be stumbling thru this crisis.  It might not the next.  Additionally I believe that the FEMA recommended 2 weeks supply is insufficient.  A month should be the bare minimum.  If nothing else this crisis proves that preparedness is the new hotness.

3.  Financial discipline is essential.  Again we saw the US govt bailing out corporations, sending money to individuals and reinforcing unemployment payments.  We probably won't be able to do that the next time around.  Having at least a month pay saved isn't gonna cut it.  At least 3 months savings is essential now.  Probably more like 6.  Additionally considering the vulnerability exposed due to this short notice (gotta chest thump...this blog was monitoring this virus when it was raging in Wuhan!) emergency, the idea that any debt is reasonable has disappeared.  Financial security will require the need to shed debt as soon as possible on a personal level and to live in such a way that being cut off from income for as long as at least 3 months is survivable without becoming homeless.

4.  Personal security.  We noticed a decrease in crime with this pandemic.  We got lucky.   Don't expect this to be the case next time around.  Round 2 of this pandemic will probably see more draconian measures instituted sooner with more shortages and more desperate people.  Gun sales increased but you should not wait for an emergency to prepare.  Now is the time to access your inventory of weapons and ammo.  If you don't have a concealed carry license then now is the time to get it.  We didn't see it this time but I fully expect cities to experience societal collapse in various parts of the country when this rolls back around.

5.  Societal response should include understanding that the economy cannot be sacrificed for a small, vulnerable portion of the population.  Modern man has a problem with death.  Death is inevitable.  It is part of life.  Am I saying that people are expendable?  Not at all.  But we should be measured in our response to the dangers of this disease, future disease and future mayhem.  It must be understood that national survival trumps personal survival.

That's what I have off the top of my head.  Anything to add?  Did I get it wrong?

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