Monday, May 25, 2020

Concept of an "Americanized" Absalon/Crossover type Ogden Dowcett

Note.  This is from a much larger thread that involved the new Light Amphibious Warships the Marine Corps is seeking, to the new operating concept, HA/DR and the ACV...

Ya know if the Marine Corps and Navy takes their own planning guidance to its logical conclusion then the warship you see above is the future of Marine Corps amphibious assault ships.

Sea Fighting business up front, Lancing Party in the back.

It only makes sense especially if you're looking at "independent" ship operations, dispersed ops at sea and on land etc...

An Absalon type ship is really the ultimate solution.  The only real solution that makes sense especially with austerity arriving AND the need to build up our war fleet.

Maybe not now but I'm willing to bet body parts that we'll be seeing something like you see above in US Navy colors within the next two decades...if not sooner.

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