Monday, May 25, 2020

Interview with Commander ‘Sharkey’ Ward...a must read from HushKit!

Article here.

This guy is a pure dee stud and if the Marine Corps was smart they'd send a strike team to scoop him up and haul him back to Quantico to consult on their future concepts.

Just kidding, I'm sure if they simply asked he'd be willing.

Why do I think so?  Because I've been trying to get a flavor of the new Marine Corps operating concept and in doing the research I keep zooming back to the Brit Forces operating in the Falklands as the best, modern day example of what the Marine Corps is trying to accomplish.

Operating fast jets off alternative platforms?  Sharkey and his boys were doing it.  Operating off austere bases (that had been bombed out)?  Sharkey and his boys did it.

The land actions are a miss (at least as I can tell) from what the Brits did, but if they had incorporated anti-ship missiles to support their fleet at sea with the addition of some anti-air to help protect their fleet from the land then I think what we're looking at is a USMC style Falkland operation in reverse.

Yeah its a bit of a stretch but I'm trying to wrap my head around what HQMC is selling.  The Falklands conflict is the best that I've come up with in the modern era.

Anyway check out the interview.  I love this dude.  Good people.  Hope you enjoy it too.

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