Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Expert opinion from a person that isn't an expert...a medical professional attempts to deride the public flyover by the Blue Angels/Thunderbirds...

This.  This right here is what's so annoying!

This person thinks that because they're a medical professional that they can dictate beyond their field of expertise.

Thos flyover tributes?  Yeah they're burning holes in the sky.  They're really kinda goofy (although many citizens seem to really enjoy them) but they're public relations so they're cool.

But as far as expense?  Those pilots have to get in their hours anyway.  Why not do it flying over cities to pay tribute to first responders/medical staff instead of just practicing at base?

This person would have you believe it was something unique and special.  It's not.  Its simply a modification of training that would be done out of sight instead of in front of the American public.

This so called expert should stay in his lane.

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