Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Nemo 120mm Turret on Strykers?

via Shepard Media
Patria is to conduct a joint feasibility study with the US Army into whether the Finnish company’s Nemo 120mm turreted mortar can be integrated into US vehicles.

The Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), announced on 18 May, will assess the capabilities of Patria Nemo mortar system (pictured in a September 2019 trial at Fort Benning) and its compatibility with US mortar carrier weapon platforms and fire control systems.

The study will also evaluate the use of current US 120mm mortar ammunition in a breechloaded mortar such as Patria Nemo.

The US Army currently fires 120mm smoothbore mortar bombs through the open roof hatch of the M1064A3 APC(a variant of the M113 vehicle).
This sounds good in theory but one thing just shouts to me.  The Stryker is basically the LAV III.

That's OLD tech and an OLD vehicle.

I like what the Army is doing conceptually but they really need a modern 8x8. Meanwhile perhaps this can go on the Bradley or AMPV chassis.

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