Thursday, June 18, 2020

India moving more troops to "Line Of Actual Control", authorizing emergency buildup of war stocks

via Times of India.
The government has given powers to the armed forces to make emergency procurements to stock up its war reserves in the wake of escalating conflict with China along the Line of Actual Control.

While India has initiated dialogue to contain the conflict in Ladakh, sources said, the government did not want to leave anything to chance at this stage, especially after the violence on Monday night.
Story here. 

I really don't know if either country will be able to pull back due to their cultures (I don't mean that in an insulting way so don't get it twisted).

The weird thing?

I've talked about an aggressive battalion commander kicking this off but its much worse than that.  All it will take is one macho company commander, hyped up platoon commander, balls to the wall squad leader on either side to possibly start a war.

This is the terrible thing about forward deployed forces within close proximity to enemy troops.

One miscalculation on either side could turn deadly.

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