Thursday, June 11, 2020

Policy makers should slow down on the rush to ban the Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint LVNR

via Police One.
Officers Need To Learn This
Here are four reasons I believe all police officers need to be trained in proper application of neck restraints:

1.    Because of the dynamics of street confrontations a combatant in a street struggle can go from top to bottom in an instant. With these dynamics in play, it’s reasonable to believe that at some time in an officer’s career he or she is going to find themselves with an arm around a suspect’s neck in an effort to literally hold on for dear life. Because of this, officers should know the difference between a Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint and a Trachea Hold. If you don’t train officers on how to apply this hold properly under stress, one of your officers will accidentally apply it improperly.

2.    Officers will run into suspects who are well-versed in the application of this hold. It is imperative that in training, officers learn how these holds are applied, so they can practice countering these holds when they are used against them.

3.    Lateral Vascular Neck Restraints are a non-lethal hold when properly applied. They are an effective way to control combative individuals without inflicting injuries on suspects, while preventing injuries of officers.

4.    These holds work!

Ok folks I'm going full bore on this one.  Let's have a real discussion instead of the stuff I've been seeing too much.

Imagine having to go hands on with an individual not in a methodical, planned way, but straight out of the blue.

Do you realize that at that moment the LEO is almost always in full defense mode?  Not only is he/she attempting to prevent themselves from being seriously injured but they've also brought a deadly weapon to the encounter which could (probably will) result in their death if they're rendered unconscious or dazed.

So besides attempting to protect yourself, you're also having to protect your weapon(s)...weapons applies to your collapsible baton, stun gun besides your firearm.

So how does an undersized male (or female) quickly render a hostile person compliant IF they're unable to retrieve another less than lethal device (oh and let me add...if you're going full tilt boogey cause the bad guy basically said "FIGHTS ON!" then you won't even be able to radio for backup/assistance) then you're left with what you can do with your hands/body.


Most LEOs aren't six feet two, two hundred seventy five pounds.

In those instances the LVNR can be a lifesaver.  To take it away because of what we saw in Minneapolis would just be wrong and COULD lead to more LEO involved shootings.

Just the thing these "reforms" are seeking to avoid.

Let me close with this.  What we saw in Minneapolis WAS NOT an LVNR.  I have NEVER read, watched, heard of or seen the move that the accused officer used ANYWHERE!  Additionally the idea that the move used was approved by his Dept boggles my mind.

The LVNR if properly applied would have a person handcuffable in less than 30 seconds MAX.  The idea of it being applied for more than 8 minutes would justify intentional murder in my opinion and that I BELIEVE would apply to all 50 states.

Tell me where I'm wrong.  But as things stand.  Policy makers should pump the brakes on outlawing the LVNR.

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