Saturday, June 13, 2020

Society needs to pump the breaks in the demonization of Law Enforcement...

Gonna say it again.


The latest controversy?  A shooting in Atlanta.  Long story short?  Guy gets into a wrestling match with officers.  It goes to the ground.  I watched the video and one LEO was in perfect position to apply an LVNR but didn't.  Instead they tried to get the suspect's hand behind his back.  Didn't work out well (oh and believe me, its hard as hell to get hands behind a back when they're actively resisting you).  The suspect grabs the Officer's tazer.  Takes off running.  Turns around and aims it at the pursing LEO.  Pursuing LEO takes the shot, it hits true and the suspect is dead right there.

Bad shooting?

Not in the slightest.  Questionable?  Not in my mind.


Because you don't know what happens after the Officer is incapacitated.  Does this person that was actively resisting suddenly decide to end this dude?  LEO's get the right to go home at the end of shift too!

So what is the focus of the Atlanta Mayor (oh forgot to state it happened in GA)?

The fact that what led up to all this is the guy fell asleep in the drive thru of a local fast food joint.

The coroner thinks he had too much to drink.  The way he ran off I think he had something else in his system too (don't see many drunks running that fast with such a steady-even gait).

But back on task.

Everyone is upset because a simple situation (on the surface) resulted in a death.

This should sing to even the naysayers in my readership.

Personal responsibility.

If this had been done the right way (meaning the suspect simply surrendered) then he'd have a DUI and could talk shit about the police today.  Instead he fought, he lost and his actions led him to dying.

I despise what happened to Floyd but we're getting carried away on this anti-police stuff AND it will lead to more heartbreak in the community than anyone can imagine.

Society needs to pump the breaks in the demonization of Law Enforcement or Society will get EXACTLY what its calling for but doesn't even know it.

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