Saturday, June 13, 2020

U.S. Marine and Navy helicopters exercise maritime strike by Lance Cpl. Jacob Wilson

US Marine Corps attack and utility helicopters are involved in maritime strike? We've cut the number of cannons we have.  Our rocket artillery has turned toward maritime strike.  We've cut tanks entirely.  The Marine Air-Ground Task Force is dead as disco.

Is our Ground Combat Team even capable of fighting ashore without tremendous support from the US Army...and I'm talking from tanks to artillery and more?

Can the Marine Corps still call itself a credible forcible entry force in the future?

The pendulum is swinging way too far toward the sea battle.

NOTE:  It just occurred to me that the entire reason for being for the LCS class was to fight small boats.  Now the USN/USMC are using helos for maritime strike.  Where was this thinking when it came to fighting Iranian small craft?  The lack of thought is stunning.  We are utilizing USMC helos in maritime strike in our planning for fighting China but needed a new class of ships for Iranian fast boats?  I am astonished by the total lack of consistency in thought...the shifting sands of these concepts...the unmistakable desire to make hard stuff easy instead of focusing on the only thing that matters...WINNING!

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