Friday, June 12, 2020

Technology Transfer – Trust and Cooperation with Patria

Can't help but this is Patria sticking their head back up after getting roasted by Lockheed Martin during the ACV competition.  Oh you don't remember that?  Well let me remind you.  Patria and Lockheed Martin initially partnered to offer the AMV to the Marine Corps for the ACV contest.

I was torn at the time.  The Patria AMV is in my opinion a good vehicle and the battle with BAE/Iveco was shaping up to be a world title match.

Then Lockheed Martin dumped Patria, produced a vehicle that looked like a rough copy of the AMV and the rest is history.  After the dust settled it appears that Lockheed Martin (especially after a terrible showing in the JLTV competition) decided to exit the armored vehicle market before they even really got started and Patria stayed silent but you could tell there were some wounds that would need to be healed.

Now they're back and I'm happy for them.

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