Tuesday, July 21, 2020

173rd Airborne Brigade Discusses Their Mission

GEEZ!  The Marine Corps has been wrapped up in "concept chaos" since Amos and the Army has regained it's footing and is thundering into the future.  How? They're not trying to revolutionize their force.  They're evolving it!

Interservice rivalry?  You bet your ass and the Army is poised to win and win big.  Take a serious look at the folks down the road at Ft Bragg (sidenote, don't give a fuck about the name of the place...too many black soldiers have served with distinction at that shit hole and its a part of their history too!)....and in Italy.

They're coming for our rapid deployment mission and will come with evil intent and serious purpose.

When they get their Airborne Armor back, Infantry Squad Carrier AND start dropping HIMARS or LAPES' them off the back of C-130s we're gonna be in the shit.  The serious shit with the most deadly enemy of all.  The bean counters (call bean counters the most serious enemy because they, along with 'doctrine dweebs' can prevent our forces from having the gear they need to win).

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