Wednesday, July 22, 2020

US. Army Soldiers Participate in Lightning Forge

My nemesis and the 3rd MEFs doom, the 25th ID is doing work.  I look forward to see how THEY evolve to meet the challenge of nation state warfare.  Oh and have no doubt.  HQ Army will move earth and part seas to make sure the 25th is involved in whatever war plan is developed for the Pacific.  They could even become a one-off Army Division specifically built to fight in that region.

Time will tell.

Sidenote.  The Army is about to move to rotations to Korea instead of basing. That means the 2nd ID is also in the mix for a wider range of missions in the Pacific.  You do realize what this means don't you?  Even after tailoring the entire Marine Corps for this one fight, the Army will still be ahead.  If they go crazy and buy a shitload of antiship missiles, develop those new rounds for their artillery and possibly even setup a few Apaches for antiship missions (against patrol boats and fast missile boats) then they'll lay claim to being the most capable force for fighting in the littorals...even more capable than the USMC and possibly (depending on how they develop their force) the USN.

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