Monday, July 06, 2020

Bus driver left BRAIN DEAD after being BEATEN for refusing to allow passengers to board without masks in France

via RT
A bus driver in France was declared brain dead after being beaten by a group of people he had refused to let on board because they were not wearing mandatory face masks amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Police in the city of Bayonne have reportedly arrested five people involved in the brutal beating.

France made face masks compulsory on public transport in April. The driver, who is in his fifties, abided by the rule and refused to transport a group of maskless people, who also reportedly had no tickets.

The lockdowns, the restrictions and the demands by govt...towards free people.

And now the backlash in the form of wearing masks.

I get it...sorta.

People have lost their jobs/livelihoods, been forced to isolate and now instead of getting back to normal its being done in baby steps and the govt still has demands.

Of course its batshit stupid and goes against societal good but I get where the anti-maskers are coming from.

The solution is to provide masks, launch a well thought out propaganda campaign to get their use, setup sanitizing stations.....and to leave it alone.

Enough have died from the disease.  We don't need further confrontation because a few in society would prefer to act in a childish way rather than safeguard their own health.

Side note.  I don't think we're even getting proper information on the masks.  Shouldn't we be washing these things after every use?  Shouldn't we be disinfecting our hands after touching them?  That early mistake of saying they were useless for the public is coming back to haunt officials today.

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