Monday, July 13, 2020

Dept of the Navy needs a serious back to basics movement...not radical change

The recent fire on the prize of the Navy, the BHR, illustrates a few things to me.  The most significant?  That the Dept of the Navy (to include the United States Marine Corps) needs a back to basics movement, not radical change.

We've all lived thru the "transformation" era that gave us pie in the sky development programs.  Rumsfeld (presumably to seal his legacy after it became apparent that both Afghanistan and Iraq would become quagmires) pushed for weapon systems that to this day have failed to deliver.

In the meantime I've sensed a 'rudderless' ship at the DON and more widely at the DoD in general.

The push to modernize is causing current issues.  Maintenance chief among them.

The solution to all this is to make sure you get the little things right.  To have the ordinary tasks done at an exceptional level.

To become a proper military force again instead of business enterprise.

There is no easy way for military affairs.  It's hard work all the time and there are no shortcuts.  Unfortunately it seems that leadership in their zeal to grasp the future is short changing the present.

This must be reversed.

The good that can come out of this fire? 

A re-dedication to excellence in all things.  A rekindling of the martial spirit that has been the way of the USMC and USN.  A realization that there is no easy way.

Confidence is not high but I can hope.

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