Sunday, July 12, 2020

US Navy LHD on fire at San Diego..

Thanks to Vodknar for the link!

Geez.  The hits keep coming.

UPDATE...they're talking explosions and I'm watching this on TV.  This ship is looking like a total write-off.  If not then its gonna be years to repair it.  Scratch one big deck LHD.  This is ominous.  If we're losing ships in port then how will they stand up to actual anti-ship missiles.  How combat capable are modern warships when it comes to taking hits?

Another consideration is whether there are more munitions aboard ship.  If so then we could see something catastrophic if they go up.  We'll get the answer if they tow it out to sea.  That means that the fire can't be contained, they can't get the munitions off and they're worried about damage in the community.

Supposedly this has been going since around 10am this morning.  A couple more hours should tell the tale.

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